How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio as an Influencer

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Did you know having an optimized bio as an influencer can earn you money? Think of your Instagram bio as a virtual business card. It should be memorable, easy for the right people to contact you and tell me who you serve. Who you serve is also going to tell me what your unfair advantage is (and why the brand should want to work with you). As Dave Grohl says, “No one is you and that is your power.” It may be over quoted on Pinterest, but it’s freakin’ true!

With Instagram becoming saturated with influencers, it’s getting harder and harder to cut through the noise. So consider this: if your dream brand partner came to your page, what would you want them to know? It’s an important question and if you get good at making that clear, you’ll attract the right kind of attention to land dream collaborations that lead to $$$.

But let’s keep it simple. Here are 5 things your Instagram bio should include if you’re an influencer:

1. Who you serve

This is a non-negotiable. You’re not going to be an influencer if you don’t know what you’re trying to influence. So how can you serve your audience? Do you help twenty-somethings find budget-friendly fashion? Do you inspire female entrepreneurship as a freelancer or promote sustainable travel? Being clear about who you serve to inspire and provide value to will help you land like-minded brand partnerships that will continue to serve your audience and put money in the bank.

2. How to contact you

I’m always surprised by the number of times I don’t see an email address on an influencer’s bio. As someone who works in influencer marketing (from both sides), nothing is more frustrating than wanting to reach out to an influencer, only to not see an email address and be left with getting buried in their DM requests. Make it as easy as possible to get a hold of you so you can be timely and professional to pitches.

3. Your location

Location is important for many reasons. Brands are often looking for influencers in certain locations and building community gets complicated when people don’t know what country you live in. Geographically, products might only be available for delivery to certain regions or not internationally. Again, don’t leave people guessing. If you don’t want to put your exact city, putting something like Bay Area or Upstate New York is totally fine too. If you’re looking to save space in your limited character bio, you can also add your address on a business profile by clicking edit profile > contact options > add address to add your city.

4. Value-driven call to action

This will forever be a constant theme across every social media channel: offer value to your audience! Your Instagram bio is no exception. The more specific the value, the better though. Create a free download with styling tips or share your latest blog post that offers some kind of value. Being an influencer that offers value is going to give you an edge and help brands see that you aren’t just creating random content for fun.

5. Tracking Link in Bio Service

Link in bio services that track your links (I love using Link.tree and it’s free!) can be incredibly helpful to see what your Instagram audience is the most interested in. It also makes it easier for you to make them multiple offers of interest, rather than just one link to your latest blog or YouTube video. Make it easy for them to follow you on other social channels by linking them too. Plus, each time you post a link, you can track how many clicks you get, helping you to refine what you share on Instagram based on what’s most popular with your audience.

But one thing to note: Do not add to many links! Add 3-4 links at most. Decision paralysis is real, so keep choose what’s most essential and switch them up when you have new content.

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