Affordable Tools Every Content Creator Needs

affordable content creation tools

Content creators are kind of like magicians. It’s our job to convince (or maybe confuse) viewers into thinking that a piece of paper is a table or that our room is naturally filled always with light. Photographers have been using these kinds of tricks for years, but with the wildfire of social media content being relevant for all kinds of business owners and bloggers, it’s helpful to have insight into how some of the “magic” works.

With that, here’s a few of my go-to content creation tools - some are very simple, all of them are very affordable:

Vinyl backdrops or a good ol’ white board

If you don’t have a perfect white table positioned well in light, a whiteboard is a common trick for creating a clean background. It’s the trick to most of those styled flat lays. Some people like to use these Ikea boards because they’re wipeable, but I prefer working with lighter materials since I tend to have to move wherever there’s light in my house. For more detailed vinyl backdrops (especially great for food photography!) head to Capture by Lucy to shop their amazing vinyl backdrops. They’re based in the UK, but they ship internationally for fairly reasonable rates.


Have you ever wondered how people write so well on their Instagram stories and you’re over here looking like a dinosaur trying to write “TGIF!”? Meet this ten dollar tool available on Amazon. You can easily up your drawing and calligraphy game with this little pen.

Light for your phone

This is a super light and portable option to help brighten your videos or photos in a pinch. It comes in extra handy for evening Instagram story videos and can help bring some brightness when you can’t make a big set-up fuss for your content.

Extra indoor lights

I don’t know what I did before I had these. Actually, I do know, I regularly whined and cried about not being able to get the right shot because of the light. It can be pretty frustrating, especially when you have a content deadline and a rainy week ahead. Adding lights on both sides help when you need to take photos but it’s cloudy or the light is just not great. It can also help even out shadows. It’s worth the investment if you’ll regularly be taking photos!

iPhone tripod with clicker

As a freelance social media specialist, I don’t always have someone around to take a photo of me in the middle of the day. Sometimes you need hands in a shot or something human to bring that element of lifestyle back into a photo and this handy dandy iPhone tripod and clicker combo is the solution!


This is a bit different from the other tools since it’s not something tangible, but it is an online tool I use super frequently as a content creator. Adobe Suite is great when I have time to really sit down and create something, but Canva is an amazing alternative and time savor to creating really awesome graphics, reports, or downloads and I love how easy they make it to resize for different social media platforms with a single click. I use the business account because it saves my brand information [font, colors, etc], but there’s also a free version as well!

So there you go - spilling some tricks out of my rabbit hat! Do you have any tips that help you create content?

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