4 Ways to Create a Visually Consistent IG Feed

how to create an aesthetically appealing IG feed

A big part of your brand story is visual - in fact, it’s arguably one of the most powerful elements of your brand in general. When we think about a well-known brand, we innately think about their branding first. So, their colors, their logo, the type of commercials they put out there, etc.

And the amazing thing about social media is how much more directly a brand can connect with its customers and clients to tell its story.

If we focus on Instagram, your grid is an incredibly important part of your visual story. Plus, it’s often what determines whether people are will hit that follow button or not. So, if you take a look at your grid and it appears to have multiple personalities and little cohesiveness, you might want to keep reading.

There’s good news though: it doesn’t have to be overwhelming to create something beautiful, especially when you’ve got solid advice that’s easy to implement. Here are four ways to ensure you have an aesthetically appealing Instagram feed:

1. Create a mood board to establish your aesthetic and colors.

If you’re not Adobe Suite savvy, you can do this in Canva or make a board on Pinterest, but creating a mood board is how you can clarify what visuals to post for your brand (and what NOT to post that’s off-brand). You’ll want to narrow down these elements:

+ Colors and tones: Do you have brand colors you can incorporate into your feed? Do you want cool tones (blues, green, etc.) or warm tones (gold, coral, etc.)? Identifying a small number of colors and sticking to one tone can help you easily create a consistent look on your grid.

+ How you want your ideal customer/client/follower to feel: This is SO important. Don’t get too caught up in what you’d like your feed to look like - you need to consider how you want your customer to feel and who they are. If your target audience is women who live in small towns, you wouldn’t want a sleek and modern feed that feels like it’s straight out of a big city; you’d want to create something warmer and more approachable. Always consider your ideal audience when planning out the visuals of your grid.

mood board for instagram

2. Find and use a consistent filter or preset

Once you’ve done the work to create a mood board, now it’s time to create content and put that mood board to work! Here are the two most common ways to edit your photos to create a consistent look:

+ Filters: Long gone are the days of using Instagram’s filters, users have a ton of options to edit their photos and create a consistent look. My favorite for filters: VSCO and A Color Story. Both apps have a wide variety of filters, many free, some that require payment.

+ Presets: One of the most popular ways to ensure a consistent look these days is a custom Lightroom presets. You can browse many sites to find presets such as CreativeMarket.com or Etsy to find options. If you’re a product shop, be cautious about using a preset that alters colors as you won’t want to unintentionally mislead customers.

vsco app for editing

3. Plan out your grid and use the preview feature

It’s usually pretty easy to spot someone who doesn’t use a planning app on Instagram. It’s hard to show up with cohesiveness and strategy when you don’t plan in advance. That doesn’t mean you can’t move things around and post in-real time, but for a brand, it’s essential to have a content calendar planned out and to know what your grid will look like.

Two of my favorite planning apps to preview your grid: Later and Planoly.

4. Strike a balance

When previewing your grid on your favorite scheduling app, try to strike a balance in visuals. If you have a photo with a lot going on in it, try to post a simpler photo next to it. In the same context, don’t post a photo of the same thing right after each other either. Make sure you have some variety and contrast in the types of photos you post back to back.

Bonus tip: Here’s a FREE, super helpful video to learn how to upload and use presets in Lightroom.

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