3 Tricks for Saving Time on Social Media

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I hear it over and over again “Social media takes so much time”. I feel the struggle, believe me. But if there’s anything I’ve learned after managing dozens upon dozens of accounts on social media in my lifetime, it’s how to maximize my efficiency without sacrificing results.

So let’s get down to it. Here are 3 tricks I swear by to save time on social media:

1.Schedule and auto-post

Scheduling a batch of content and hitting auto-publish can free up your headspace to not drop everything to post once a day. Find a scheduling tool you love and get comfortable using it! I personally love using Later because:

  • Posts go out automatically at the ideal times

  • Easy copy and paste hashtags lists

  • Schedule Instagram Stories too!

2. Automate for faster photo editing

There are a couple of options to keep a consistent look to your feed without taking a ton of time.

One option is purchasing a Lightroom preset for consistent editing. After you purchase and download a Lightroom preset (you can do mobile or desktop), you’ll upload it to Lightroom mobile app and from there it’s a simple copy and paste process. Two clicks and you can edit a photo!

Another option is using a popular photo editing app like A Color Story! This app allows you to stack filters to create a custom look and then you can save and name the filter yourself for future use.

Bonus tip: Once or twice a week, source your content in batches and upload to the media library in your favorite scheduling app like Planoly, Later, or Plann. For photos, you aren’t taking yourself, use the saved photos feature on Instagram to organize photos you’d like to repost with credit. For stock photos that aren’t cheesy, check out rawpixels, Unsplash, or Creative Market.

saved posts on IG

3. Don’t forget about evergreen content

An oh-so-common struggle on social media: not feeling like you have enough to post. That’s why I always advise clients to think about creating evergreen content and re-posting it more than once. So many of us spend tons of time creating and editing content, we post it once and then we move on. Yikes! Repurpose old blog posts, a throwback to memories or old recipes, whatever it looks like, recycling popular content on your social media should absolutely be a part of your strategy. It saves you time, keeps you consistent and reminds them why they love and follow you!

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