craft creative co social media management

TL;DR: We’re a small and dedicated team of social media specialists with an endless amount of creativity, an eye for design and an obsession with keeping things fresh.

Our team is passionate about helping female-founded businesses grow their brands. From CPG to hospitality to lifestyle brands, we’re experts in elevating brand messaging and visuals to really make an impact. 

Each client receives a unique strategy and we work hard to craft a compelling digital story that truly builds community. 

Our ideal client is fiercely passionate about their mission and fully ready to trust an expert to hand off the reigns. We’re big on trust, work/life balance and over-delivering on results. We can’t wait to make some magic with you!

Think you might want to work together? We offer a $5 “meet for matcha” (or whatever you drink) to chat for twenty minutes to hear about your pain points and get some quick advice. No pressure, a friendly chat over drinks.

Let’s make some magic happen.

Hugs and high-fives,

Lindsay, CEO of Craft Creative Co