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I’m into creative, digital storytelling that gets results.

You’re running a successful company, but still second-guessing what works for your brand on social media.

TL;DR: I create ties between brands, consumers, influencers and culture. 

My passion is rooted in storytelling; helping you communicate impactful messages and emotions across different channels. Through re-imagining narratives, aesthetic and social strategy, I help elevate your content to delight the right people at the right time.

Your company has a clear mission and is driven to offer something amazing to consumers.

The tricky part: Even successful brands and influencers aren’t immune to the struggle of embracing their unique story on social media; settling for copying other accounts in hopes that is translates to some kind of online success.

I see the steps you need to transform your social media and digital marketing efforts to work FOR YOU - creating an engaged community that leads to increased loyalty, better sales and dream partnerships.

Maybe you have a person handling your social media while juggling multiple duties or maybe you’ve just hit a wall on how to grow authentically. Whatever it looks like, we can streamline your process to tell a more engaging story, track KPI’s, and give you the confidence to tackle the ever-changing landscape of social media.

Posting on social is one thing. Getting results is another.

Through consulting with you or your team, I can help you develop a custom approach to your brand’s social media that actually works.

Hi! I’m Lindsay!

I’m a brand communication consultant who believes that social media is the ultimate form of storytelling. I’m passionately curious, have an eye for aesthetics, and love helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers level up.

What does this mean for you?

I know how to help you stand out from the online crowd. By working together, you’ll stop the cycle of content burn-out, fill your toolkit with tons of resources and ditch blaming the algorithm for your problems.

My story:

With a love for good stories and a knack for creating unique content, I pursued a degree in Communication Design at CSU Chico. I left with expertise in how to best communicate through different forms of media, plus a double minor in Instructional Design and photography; melding my love for aesthetics and teaching! Today, I continue my education to stay up on the latest by taking courses in copywriting, visual design and influencer marketing.

My career started in e-commerce fashion before landing at a social media agency where I worked for nearly four years. At the agency I worked my way up to Intern Team Lead and Digital Marketing Manager, refining my skills in content curation, copywriting and leadership in a startup environment. While working at the agency, I began a lifestyle and travel blog working with big brands like Sephora, Fossil, and Coach, ultimately leading me to attract consulting work as a freelancer.

Fast forward to today, I launched Craft Creative Co after successfully managing, growing and creating content for dozens upon dozens of brands through social media and blogging. I now consult and train female entrepreneurs and influencers on how to implement a social media foundation to hit the ground running and grow with intention.

My mission:

I want to make social media fun again! I want to tell your brand’s story in the most engaging way to your audience — and in the process, empower you to tackle social media with confidence. No more copying other brands and crossing your fingers it works for you too.

I’m also passionate about living intentional and creating a life I love that doesn't just revolve around work, so it’s important for me to help people leverage their social media by working smarter, not harder.

Think you might want to work together? I offer a $5 “meet for matcha” (or whatever you drink) to chat for twenty minutes to hear about your pain points and get some quick advice. No pressure, a friendly chat over drinks.

Let’s make some magic happen.

Hugs and high-fives,